A Shortboard is a surfboard designed to have quick and  tight turning for maximum maneuverability, narrow and short for easy duck diving, normally lighter in weight. Also pointed noses are common.

Dart ▲

Made for barrels, airs and uncompromised lacerations and slides. Soft deep concaves, thin narrow rails, and progressive deck rocker.

Quesodia ▲

Quenticential performance shortboard with a Brog Flair. Continuous curve outline with a pointed nose. Designed to be a sharp reliable blade with high-performance rails and triple concave. A tight rounded swallow tail is what makes it a magic Mark Brog board, the complete culmination of a surfer’s need for speed, control, and release. It can be relied on in the best conditions and even the ones less favorable.

Dia Skate ▲

Performance shortboard, this design features pop, slide, and boost. For all conditions, curved rails and smooth rocker. Balance focused for simplicity. Acceleration and glide are ever present. Deep single concave locks in all the power. Fully skateable made for tricks and kicks.

Seed ▲

Short board simplified, all around shredding. Curved outline like a seed and smooth medium rocker. Loose feel with stability at the same time. Link together new lines with ease. Five fin setup recommended.

Vaquita ▲

An easy playful small wave shredder. Fantastic plane area, nice round rails, deep single concave, and a hard sharp exit. Two models available Eps epoxy quad fin, and classic poly with 7inch center box and two front side boxes to create a tri-fin or, two plus one adjustable, or a mad single. The Vaquita is the world’s smallest whale. Almost extinct, we will donate $20 for every Vaquita sold to the Sea Shepard Foundation.

F-4 ▲

High performance standard. Rocker thru nose and middle of board never leaves you hanging. Thin medium boxy rails and single to slight double concave to vee finish for seamless wraps, slashes, and tubes. Made for power surfing

Flying Saucer ▲

Shortboarding simplified. Nose pointed yet wide and thicker. Larger sweet spot. deep Thin squash tail for hold and release. Performance shortboard features, just more nose width and thickness for extra stability during take off. Glides thru soft or flatter sections better because of deep concave and tunnel edge.

Saber ▲

This has been a very successful design breakthrough!  Unusual to the eye but familiar to your feelings. The consensus is a great all condition progressive surfboard.  The squared nose and parallel outline moving into our dove swallow. Deep single concave holds face even it super steep conditions. 

Yellow Alert Minigun ▲

Field tested in pumping winter surf in California and pumping surf at Teahupoo Tahiti. Compact pintail design. Pointed nose for holding the line on a bowling face. Or duck diving under a cascading mountain of water.

Twinzer HP ▲

Comes in shortboard point nose or medium snubnose to narrow tail.
Extra concave thru fins and tail allows the board to ride overhead surf. Snaps, slashes, tailslides and tubes are easy to find because the twinzer HP.