Shaping Mark BröG

Mark Brog has been shaping, glassing, airbrushing, repairing, and restoring surfboards professionally since 1993. His passion is surfing and shaping world-class surfboards. He has been married to his wife Sheryl for 21 years and is a proud father of two. He is dedicated to his family and his craft. Mark started working with the masters in 1984 at Paradise Epoxy in Torrance Ca, in the late 1980s.In the mid 90’s he learned about mold making, vacuum bagging, and carbon fiber lamination at Advanced Composites ACPT. From 1992 to 1994 Mark went on the surf adventure of his life and traveled throughout Mexico, France, then to Africa. Ultimately it was this adventure and experience that directly influences his shapes today.

The Shop

In 1999 Mark opened Soul Performance surf shop in North Redondo Beach. Soul Performance was a hub for young surfers and skateboarders to get the highest quality gear and endless amounts of knowledge from both Mark and Sheryl. In 2017 Mark made a difficult decision to move his shop to a new location and focus on the thing he loves most, shaping boards and teaching his craft.
Soul Performance is now Brög Surf and is located in Gardena California, in our brand -new Eco certified surf studio. The 2,400 sq ft studio was meticulously designed by Mark and is outfitted with LED lighting and four extra-large filtration fans. It’s the perfect environment to create, restore and repair anything you can imagine.
Brog Surf can create and design anything, from a 36” skimboard up to 18‘ foot paddle-board. Glassed traditionally or vacuum bagged, with epoxy or polyurethane, our quality speaks for itself.