Mid Length

Mid Length surfboard is a shape that is longer than a shortboard and shorter than a longboard. Concept is better than a longboard for maneuverability, and easier to catch waves on than a shortboard. A great choice to start on if you want something more challenging than a longboard, they are the easiest to master.

Sand Crab ▲

Easy to catch steep or crumbly waves. Triple concaves accelerate the board easily in and out of turns. Fast, fun and forgiving. Great for a surfer who wants an easy transition from a Wave Storm.

Converta Board ▲

This design satisfies all surfers needs: great paddling, easy smooth sharp turns, duck dive-able, pump-able, carves lip or bottom turns , loose yet stable. The Name is because it works in every type of  fin configuration. Single, twin, two plus one, and thruster. All work fantastic depending on what you are looking for.

Fusion ▲

This mid length is designed to hold the line, then to break free sweeping up, down, and across the face of the wave. Aggressive single to Double concave tilt board on rail with minimum effort. This design can be shrunk from the normal 7’4” down too 6’4”. One board quiver, great for waves 2 to 10 foot.


All the flow and speed of a twin fin fish with an extra foot or two of paddle power and momentum continuous curve outline like a shorter fish is suppose to have but with a strong panel vee and a quad fin set up for putting on the brakes. A great balance of simplistic mid length design and rail to rail flow. Almost anyone can pop up on this board on any day which is why it will become your new best friend.

Hi Performance Mini Log ▲

All condition design. 2 to 12 foot beaches, points and reefs.

Beautiful ▲

Specific design features are smooth accelerated nose rocker, anti pearling, wide point back, and an enlarged easy to find sweet spot.
Rounded squash tail, soft rails with hidden performance tuck. Tri fin setup, balance, stability, and maneuverability.

Twinchilla ▲

Great for novice or advanced surfers. Characteristics are efficient paddling from the outline. flatter deck. and duck dive-able. Narrower profile for  faster rail-to-rail action Extra tail rocker and double concaves between feet. Suited for a shortboard rider who does not want a big longboard or for a long boarder who wants to have a duck dive-able mini log.

Egg Classique ▲

Single fin only! round egg nose and rounded pintail. Low rocker sweet thin to thicker foil. Accelerated tail rocker redirects your movement in advance of declining wave energy.  Roundhouse cutbacks will never get easier. Sweep the face clean with this magic set of components.