SUP / Kite / Skim

Custom designed boards for Kiteboarding, Wing and Surf foiling. And Stand up paddling surf . Also Skimboards and Wake surfing. Each category here is completely different from each other in shape design and construction.

Stand Up Paddleboard / S.U.P ▲

S.U.P my various standup paddle board shapes are performance surf , Saber performance. And  Longboard touring surf crossover). Construction options are polyester, S-cloth.   Or epoxy Eps. Or Vacume bagged carbon fiberglass wood veneer or cork.

Kite ▲

Since 2005 I have been shaping kite specific designs. Many are custom compilations where I take your specific needs and merge them into a kiting specific board design. Construction aspects for strength flex and durability are always calculated into your board. Best options are the inexpensive polyester S-cloth construction. Or the premium 12k carbon fiber and cork vacuum bagged construction. 

Skim ▲

Where the beach meets the sea and sand.  Our skim designs use progressive surfing inspired outlines. And rail shapes not the generic mono shapes that are on most skimboards. Im able to do this because my foam blanks are thicker allowing me to add more range into the boards foil. For transition and bite and release. A three stage profile.