A Longboard or aka.log is three feet over a rider’s height.  Great for learning, easy to catch a wave, better in softer mushier waves noseriding and cross stepping.  A log is wider and glassed heavier with lower rocker. Typically for nose riding. And very challenging to master.  Some longboards are Hi-performance which means thinner, lighter in weight and always more nose and tail rocker. These last characteristics are suited for hollower beach break and bigger conditions and easier turning.  What is between is what I call soul performance. Easy to turn , catch a wave and cross step to the nose.

Mellow ▲

Classic Log traditional “pig”esque outline which means a narrower nose and wide hips. Full rails hold speed and control momentum. Progressive multi layered bottom contours harness and project  the waves energy. Soft flipped up tail block and rocker, allow for greater control when on tail.  The high waterline makes her unstoppable when catching a wave.

Third Point ▲

Blending classic and performance needs into the perfectly balanced longboard, concave thin nose, for nose riding. Panel vee for edging rail mid-board. And thin down soft yet tucked tail rail for executing sharp turns. Double stringers to wooden tail block provide quality and strength for years to come.

Blessed ▲

Fast fun and functional is the best way to describe this shape. Easy to enjoy fast beach break and point surf. Loose yet stable. The perfect board for years to come. Ask for C model with concave for longer nose rides. The perfect first surfboard for anyone to learn to surf on.

Cat Walk ▲

My special blend of accelerated nose and tail rocker, thin soft and tucked rails , and double concave put excessive speed into your  face carving. Pin ,squash and square tail options available.