Fish Surfboard Models

Fish surfboards are ones that are similar in length as a short board, but always wider or rounder in the nose section. Typically finished with a swallow tail. Another character is a flatter bottom rocker.

Beach Fish ▲

This Fish is designed for beach break,  Width single concave Vee tail and twin fins glassed on or Boxes. The rocker, bottom contour and  rail contour and foil are all engineered to maximize performance in our challenging and ever changing beach break. For small to medium sized surf. And from soft mush to steep sand grinders.  The whole board is a sweet spot. A local favorite.

Minnow ▲

Put power and extended glide into your session when the surf is small and crumbly. Wing swallow allows the board to be turned easily from the middle or tail. Fluted wings are thin and sharp giving the board extra hold on head  high suck outs and point break energy. Wide nose allows for great nose time. Preferably pure tri fin but you can enjoy it as a twin or twin with mini trailer.

Joker ▲

Deep swallow tail.  Slight parabolic outline off tail for added grip.  Concave deck for maximizing paddle power and widening sweet spot.  Great choice for a first short board that isn’t difficult to master.  Upright or classic twin keel fin setup.