Alternative surfboards are non traditional designs to enhance certain types of needs that are not found in the normal categories.

Tunnel ▲

This design was inspired by the grand master George Grenough. The tunnel-bevel surrounds the board tip to tail.  You have never ridden a wave like this before because no one has created a design quite like this other than master George. The design pulls from two opposites. The dynamics release and hold.  Deep concave holds and vee releases. I am now getting longer rides and accessing parts of the wave I have never used before. This is exciting for me because it’s a whole new level of understanding and feeling the wave.

Snarl ▲

This experimental shape was perfect from the first attempt.
Everything new. Outline, deep single concave, accelerated nose rocker. Twin keels have extra fin angle. Scooped tail on deck. And pitched vee behind fins. What does all.this mean? Only your experience and creativity will answer this question. So much hidden volume and planning area allows this shape to get in early and fly!

Potato ▲

Power and balance is the focus in this stubby short board. Massive planeing area. Grip and glide with this simple shape.

Mini Simmons ▲

Best suited for enhancing a soul style of surfing. Fast, fluid and connective.The unique outline is deliberate and very functional, the rounded nose and parallel outline stream into takeoffs effortlessly. Vee tail and slight concave, and hand tuned spiral teardrop rails are always in acceleration mode. Best suited for enhancing a soul style of surfing.